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UNIVERSAL FITNESS, LLC has developed what we like to call the “complete workout”. This workout has allowed us to effectively stimulate major muscle groups in each workout maximizing our results. We monitor all aspects of our client’s workouts ensuring the best possible results.Many personal trainers can be taught technical skills, but great work ethic, positive attitudes and a constant winning approach must come from within. That’s why UNIVERSAL FITNESS, LLC stands only when it comes to fitness. Today, UNIVERSAL FITNESS, LLC is driven to inspire, committed to excellence and always looking for new ways to improve our members training sessions and achieving maximum results.

A sprawling night club known for live hip hop, dancing, theme parties & celebrity sightings.
Address: 4855 Old National Hwy, Atlanta, GA 30337
Hours: 12–5PM, 10PM–3AM
Phone: (678) 973-0170

Cruvie Clothing Co. was founded in 2013 by Atlanta native Tony Cruver. Cruvie’s clothing is designed to speak for itself. Our main goal is to create unique clothing that spills strength, positivity and influences unity.

Steve Kennedy

These days you can find SK doing community service with his nonprofit organization, The Huddle Foundation; coaching and speaking at summer football camps; volunteering at local elementary schools; attending political conventions, and anywhere else where he can preach his revolutionary massage of doing What Winners Do and convincing people to choose themselves.

Arde Company
Brand Optimizing Service
Established in 2005 Arde Company has had several years creating, marketing, and executing campaigns for clients all over the metro Atlanta area. With several ties to radio broadcast, the Small Business Administration, and community outreach resources Arde Co has a specified arsenal to showcase any client, product, brand or campaign.
Marketing Company
Handling all of your Marketing and Photography Needs
In CT,NY,NJ,ATL,PHI,NC and more. Always willing to travel.
call Tol-Free (877) 775-8121
Dr. Brian Utley acknowledges that his interest in Chiropractic care began in high school where he suffered a debilitating and painful injury to his back while a member of his high school basketball team. His orthopedist recommended surgery as the best avenue for care and correction. Brian and his parents, however, felt surgery was not the proper course of action for him.