An over achieving student athlete, a widely recruited high school football player, a college graduate and a former NFL linebacker, Travis Harris is a relentless pursuer of success.

Travis Lee Harris was born in Atlanta, GA to Mary Shaw and Leon Harris.  Travis moved to Decatur, GA at the age of five and excelled in sports.  Even though his living situation was unstable and he was homeless for a short period of time, Travis credits his success as an adult to the struggles he overcame early in life.  At a very young age it became apparent that Travis had the makings of a talented athlete. Although he was skillful in several areas (basketball, baseball & track), it was obvious that football was his favorite sport.

Travis was one the most highly rated football players in Georgia history. He won tons of accolades and such as high school All-American and Player of the Year for the 1999/2000 football year. Travis was then the recipient of a full football scholarship to the University of Florida. While at Florida Travis became the first true freshman to start at middle linebacker. He was team captain two years and the winner of the Iron Gator Award. After college Travis signed with the Tennessee Titans and had a professional career with NFL Europe, leading the Frankfurt galaxy to a World Bowl.

In 2007 Eazy Entertainment was born. The company, which started out in smaller venues and hosting parties for family and friends, quickly became one of the most successful and well known companies in Atlanta and throughout the South. Eazy Entertainment has hosted parties for artists such as Nelly, Chris Brown Rick Ross, Future, Fantasia and many more.  During this time Travis also opened City Cutz Barber and Beauty, a successful beauty salon and barbershop, still open to this day.

Travis has always enjoyed serving his community and helping his peers. After starting several businesses for himself, Travis decided to create Travis Harris Marketing and Management Company. This company focuses primarily on helping individuals start their own business or offer marketing strategies for existing companies.

Recently Travis has become a major stable in the fitness world. He is now an owner of one of the most flourishing (or thriving) gyms in Atlanta, Universal Fitness. Universal Fitness strives to help each individual meet and exceed his/ her personal fitness goals.

At the start of 2016 Travis acquired “The Palace” one of the hottest clubs in Atlanta night life. Travis also acquired “Karma Bistro” a popular club located east of Metro Atlanta.

Struggle and grind birthed success which created an awesome lifestyle. Travis wants to bring you along on his journey and hopefully inspire your journey…